New England To Africa

Boston is one of my favorite cities. It has a large student base, as there are near thirty Universities in and around the town, MIT and Harvard being the most notable, and near one hundred in Massachusetts. It was nice to have lunch in Cambridge and see people reading actual books. Not many people read books anymore and opt for the Kindle, I personally like the feel of the paper when I turn a page.

Boston has a big city vibe with a sense of calm, an unusual combo. The underlying structure of learning and studying attracts varying cultures. Driving up Commonwealth Avenue (or Comm Ave), it's easy to see why film makers choose this beautiful part of town to shoot in.

I checked out some interesting places during my stay. The Salty Pig for example, makes all of their cocktails using only liqueurs and fresh ingredients. The Eastern Standard is a lively, American Brasserie with a long, marble bar where young and bow-tie wearing old guys hang out together. Last but not least, the The Westbridge Restaurant, boasts French-inspired meals with a New England twist, delicious (FFF).

I met some delightful Bostonians, one in particular re-introduced me to the world of Fela Kuti. He is one of the best African musicians and inventor of the Afrobeat music genre. Now I can't stop listening to this feel great music, which is perfect as the East Coast is about to get hit with three days of "severe weather." Click on Fela below for a few seconds, you just might end up keeping him on for longer...

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