My Son An Only Child & I Have No Pity

No, I'm not really cold-hearted. It's Downton Abbey over here you guys, and who do you think the downstairs people are? Pity the parents. We're the ones serving day and night. Last night for example, I set him up in my bed, with a fresh bowl of popcorn and a movie. I left him all set and went to try and watch my back logs of True Detective. Next thing I hear, "maaaammmaaaaa." The way he says mama, isn't a straight "mama," it's with a lyrical twist he's invented. My desire to answer back with a flat, "what?" is overcome and I follow through with...

"Yes, honey?" "Come up here." "Why, what is it?" "Come up here mama." "Ok." I find him cross-legged, nibbling away and he says, "I need a drink." "That is what you called me up for?" "Yes." (A little monster on my shoulder taps me every now and then reminding me he's an only child). "Ok, I'll be right back." As I walked downstairs I actually started to think that it may be easier to get him a bell -- wtf? I prepare his water with a fresh squeeze of lime, not too much either because he hates when it's too sour. I make sure it's in his purple sippy and that the sides are dry, it annoys him when I serve it wet. "Here you go cutie." "Thank you mama." I watch him drink his sippy because the way he does it is the last bit of "baby" I will see.

When other parents ask me, "Are you planning on having more children?" I'm fine answering. It's when parents pose the question this way, "Why don't you have another baby so he can have a play friend?" -- that makes me cringe. If others choose to make a major life decision just so their kid can have a play friend, that's fine. It's not my thing though. I usually answer, "He's fine, he gets plenty of playtime with kids."  My son is an only child and will always be. When he decides to ask why, he will get an answer that he will understand and appreciate. For now, we'll go on giving him a wonderful childhood, just like those larger families do *:)*

This little toddler period came and went too fast.

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