It's Complicated

We carry many relationships with us through life. The one common thread through them all is a desire to connect with others, it's only natural.

We're complex beings though and we don't always want to be connected and yet some of us do. Some have feelings of loneliness when they're by themselves, while others cherish it. We don't always end up in relationships with people who want the same thing. One person may want to be with the other all the time, while the other is more interested in connecting when they feel a need.

Girlfriend relationships can be just as complicated as a male/female one. We believe ourselves to be relationship experts because not for nothing, we do spend a lot of time analyzing our relationships with our significant others. For some reason, we love to tell each other about how we spent our time with another female. We do love our gossip, the juicier the better. Throw in some talk about sexuality and what so and so is up to and we're in hog heaven. Maybe we're not so complicated after all.

There is little choice in relationships between parents and small children. No matter what type of person we are, parents with kids have one thing in common -- we give up our choice in how we would like our relationship with said human to be, they run that show. Children do not care what their parents need, want or desire, it's all about them. A French parent reading this right now would probably like to jump through the screen and teach me a thing or two, to that I say...yes please.

Relationships between parents and grown children take matters to another level. We treasure this relationship as it is the first one we encountered. It contributed in making us who we are, it doesn't define us though. When I look at my son, he has his own unique personality that I could never control - nor would I want to. I hope my positive influence will help him throughout his life; although, even if I wasn't around, I know he would still develop a positive character on his own.

The relationship we have with ourselves develops later in life and is the most complicated one. It creeps up most when we're feeling blue. Becoming comfortable in our own skin and with our successes, failures, faults, quirks and talents is essential. It's ok to define ourselves by our successes and talents -- this is not to be confused with arrogance. Some of our achievements did not come easily, but they were in our nature to accomplish. Our talents though, these are gifts, that come to us intuitively.

Everyone has a natural talent. What is yours?

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