Is That A Jewish Star? #RHOBH

Good morning. I caught up on the #RHOBH, I haven't started watching the reunions yet. #MadMen and #GameOfThrones are starting soon, looking forward to those. On Netflix, #Damages is real good too.

Spoiler Alert: If you DVR #RHOBH and haven't watched the ending, I'm going to reveal it. Brandi and Lisa's argument didn't seem as real as other arguments Brandi has been part of. She's been a "straight shooter" as Lisa calls her and has been quick to tell the other women off as soon as they annoyed her in even the slightest. Why didn't she tell Lisa off when she first brought around her ex-husband's, ex-mistress?

Lisa had Brandi engage in a sit down meeting with the ex-mistress. Why would she do that and why didn't this anger Brandi then? It's strange how upset Brandi became at the end of the season about it, months after the sit down. I think the argument was scripted. Scripting is not ok with a reality show, because then it's not reality anymore, it's make believe. In the end, Brandi confronted Lisa in a mature manner - a departure for her personality - and Lisa had no pity for her, cold hearted.

Carlton and Kyle's drama was not a big deal. When Kyle innocently asked Carlton if her symbol was a Jewish star, Carlton became angry. From Kyle's point of view, it could have easily been mistaken for that. Carlton becoming angry about being asked was misplaced. She's a wiccan and always claiming positivity and good energy. We saw the opposite though: judgements, anger, close-mindedness and darkness. I think she's more of a dark wicca. I hope she can't tell I'm writing this, I don't need any voodoo.

Kyle took a back seat this season to Brandi. Normally outspoken and running the show, Kyle didn't seem to know how to handle the team up of Brandi and Yolanda. I believe Lisa did tell Brandi to bring the gossip magazines, mainly because Brandi confronted Lisa about it and told her she was lying in front of Kyle. Lisa handled the situation in true British form, by not handling it. In the face of adversity, the British just move on as if nothing has happened and show zero emotion (maybe not a bad tactic?). Kyle is my favorite on the show, she's a mom of four girls, like my mama. #teamKyle

Yolanda is a bit of a "know it all." To be fair she does seem to have a good grasp on things and know quite a bit. I love her house. She loved to show her refrigerator and it is beautiful. Her daughters are gorgeous, her home is gorgeous, she loves her family and takes good care of herself. Ken calling her stupid was down right rude. She is anything but stupid. Given how cool she is, her pairing with mean Brandi was odd. Opposites do attract I guess.

Kim didn't have much of a story line this season. Joyce is pretty and friendly with gorgeous, healthy hair. A little too long though, could use a good ten inch cut.

Did you watch this season? If so, what did you think?

Photo: Star Magazine

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