Haute Hippies

Saturday, the word itself is synonymous with happiness. You can use it in a sentence, "I'm so Saturday right now!," and people will know what you mean. While some, like myself, are working today, others have the hippie life ahead of them.

The day is what you make of it. It's what you decide it to be. If you're pms'ing and are grumpy and decide to be grumpy all day, you will. If so, hibernate in your room, let others off the hook at least.

If you decide to not let the grumpiness take over, then it won't. The mind is controllable. The grumpy might creep back in, but there are tools to combat: beautiful cup of tea, meditation, soothing music, prayer, getting lost in a great book or your kid telling you (ok me) that you have a big head and squishy body...so many things to take you back to Saturday.

It's 6:33 a.m., my inclination is to be grumpy. I will let it be grumpy for a little, when I've had enough, my tea should be brewed. Have a fabulous day and hippie weekend, cheers.

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