Easy Peasy Sunday

Good morning. I tried to sleep in a little today because it's a Sunday after all. My brain did not compute that last bit of vital info necessary for a sleep in for some reason. Morning people, quick question for you, am I going wake up early from now on or will I eventually go back to waking at 11 or 12 and normal hours like that? I have a feeling I'm a morning person for good. I'm sure I've entered the twilight zone.

7:00 a.m. wake up, I tried to go back into that wonderful dream I was having with no luck, just a bunch of mind clutter. I decided to get out of the bed and found the surprise on my cable box that read 8:10 a.m. This was a surprise to me because I thought the clocks were going back, not forward. Confusion. Why do we do these clock changes anyway? Jesus, Mary and Joseph and whoever else those nuns in school told me to pray to.

I'm going to enjoy this bright, early morning and drink copious amounts of tea. I'm not a very good cook but I like to make breakfast. I can whip up a mean scrambled eggs and bacon, maybe even some toasted bread if I wanna get all fancy. John Coltrane will set the mood and make it special, perfect for a Sunday morning...

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#EasyLikeASundayMorning #Spirituality Fabiola Conrado

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