Do Not Feed The Homeless?

Who's bright idea was this? Contrary to popular opinion, homeless people are in fact, people. I walked behind two of the loudest, most obnoxious men in New York City the other day. I tried tuning them out with no luck. They were babbling on and then we all passed a homeless man.

The man was sitting on the cold, cement ground holding up a sign that read "Hungry and Homeless, please help." One of the guys proudly said "I never give money to homeless people, they only spend it on booze anyway." The other laughed in a most abhorrent manner. I'm pretty sure that guy has never given a homeless person money and then followed him to see where he spent the new found fortune.

They may spend it on booze, but they may spend it on food and clothes too. Why not take the chance it's for food? A dollar isn't going to make or break us, but it could a homeless person. Did you know, there is an underground world of homeless people who live under the subway system? UNDER THE SUBWAY. If they take the dollar I give them to save up for a little 50 ml, go for it, that has to be a hard life.

In Berkeley, California, the homeless people are treated as, well, people. The intellectual, hippie culture in the town is to rise above what they believe are inaccuracies and considered the norm in other societies: not talking to homeless people, wearing matching clothes and obsession with beauty. Students throughout the city engage in conversation with homeless people. They "rise above" the notion that the homeless are stupid and have nothing interesting to say. I saw it with my own eyes.

Instead of walking by the homeless, get radical and give a dollar, even a quarter. If you're dead set against helping them, do it to help yourself. It will make you feel good to help someone less fortunate. If giving money isn't your thing, informing yourself about the homeless shelters in your area and telling a homeless person how to get there can save someone's life. In New York City, The Bowery Mission and Don't Walk By are some of the best.

Check out Dwayne's story on the front of The Bowery Mission's website, he's a former homeless person and see how a complete stranger, who didn't walk by, saved his life.

I'm sure they gave him a dollar.
What do you suggest are ways to help that you've done in the past?

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