A New Beginning

Spring! Surely moods are affected by the weather. With the wavering climate in New York, this can become a predicament. When a storm rolls in here, it can hang out for three days. It must have something to do with the pollution. New York probably has a horrible gas cloud above the city that is killing the environment and can keep storms under its tight grip. It's not normal for storms to stay that long is it?

This Winter was the worst in my fifteen years up here. Everyone is talking about it. It resembled a Chicago Winter, proper. Snow storms were hitting us every other day. At first, they were fun. Beautiful snow fell peacefully and accumulated making wonderlands for children to play in. Then it started to interfere with business as a "snow day" shuts the city down. By the end of the season, everyone was #sickofsnow. This hashtag became quite popular on social media.

Alas, those cold days are behind us now. It feels nice to walk outside without being greeted by a sting of cold to the cheeks. Yesterday, every one's demeanor was different. People were smiling -- a rare occurrence -- friendly (even weirder) and talking about the warmth and how happy they are. This weekend is time to dig into my closet and find my Spring/Summer wardrobe. I love changing my closet from Fall/Winter to Spring/Summer. Once complete, it feels like a new beginning, even though most of the clothes in there are as old as can be.

I'm sure even the world's biggest complainer will not be whining about "how hot it is" this Summer, after the Winter we went through. I want to sweat and feel this Summer. I want to go to the beach, take long walks in the park and take day trips to the country... With my busy schedule though, I'll probably end up in the backyard gardening the whole time. Works for me. Bring on the heat.

Here are some jams from some of the best to get your weekend started...

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