Why Kids Are So Cute

Kids are so cute in every way possible. My son does the most amazing, cutest things I've ever seen. For example, after I had read him three goodnight books, sang him a lullaby, gave him twenty kisses (literally) and I tried to leave, he sat up, crossed his arms and gave me serious pout face. I'm a sucker for the pout face. So I laid down, uuuughh. Next thing I knew, it was three hours later and my grown person slept in a kid's bed, under pretend stars, like I was a five year old or something.

If kid's weren't the incredibly cute little munchkins that they are and do and say the cutest, most adorable things that they do, it would be a real challenge when they....

Try to "wipe" and fail...all over the toilet, walls and their person (yup, I went there).

Scream at the top of their lungs for a drink, "NOW!" (I need to start trying to control this I know).

Rip the clothes that you carefully picked out for them out of your hands and throw them down the stairs protesting their desire to not wear them.

Insist on wearing their Halloween costume to school -- in mid-February (ok, this falls under the cute thing again).

Smack you in the face...just because (I know, I know, time out).

Won't say hello on skype to their loving aunts, grandma and grandpa, who adore them with all their heart.

Demand to shovel snow in 17 degree weather and insist on not wearing a scarf and gloves.

Declare "This is my house and I'm in charge here!" (I'm on the fence between cute and monster on this one).

Wait -- what was my point again? Oh right, kids are so incredibly cute. I mean, what can we do, when the little monster comes out, all I see is this baby face...

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