Phoenix Ends Chronic Homelessness for Veterans

Good morning, fun-filled day yesterday. Moody Monday is here and to try and help alleviate some of blues, I would like to spotlight some good news. According to the Washington Post, Phoenix, as of December 18, 2013, ended chronic homelessness among veterans. Three years ago, the state identified 222 veterans who were homeless and as of 12/18/13, all were housed in apartments funded by the state.

This initiative is part of a larger push by President Obama to end chronic homelessness among all veterans by 2015. Government officials are behind this goal and on their way to achieving it, according to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Erik Shinseki. The Department of Housing and Urban Development and The Department of Veteran Affairs have awarded millions in grants to help fund local efforts.

Veterans are in need of help as some have developed physical injuries as well as Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD causes severe anxiety causing great distress, feeling numb, keyed up (hyper arousal), reliving of the traumatic experience and avoiding anything reminding them of the trauma. PTSD as well as physical injuries have interfered with the work/home life of veterans, making it difficult for some to function in regular society, in turn causing homelessness.

Great job Phoenix in assisting our homeless veterans, as they are deserving of this second chance you have provided. To read more about it, visit the US Department of Veteran affairs website or copy and paste this link into your browser:

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