#OneMillionMoms Mad About #LGBT

I first heard of the group One Million Moms on #BillMaher and they popped up in the news again recently with their stance against the Disney channel. I checked out their site and saw they are Christian, great I thought, must be a loving and kind group. I read on and something I noticed was an overall theme of anti-LGBT. Their "current issues" section on the front page of their site, continuously urges the moms to send letters and emails to the various networks airing LGBT related issues into their programming.

For example, they asked the moms to "TAKE ACTION NOW" against the Disney channel for debuting lesbian parents on the show "Good Luck Charlie." A spokesperson for the Disney channel said they introduced the characters to "be relevant to kids and families around the world and to reflect themes of diversity and inclusiveness." #OneMillionMoms said for Disney to "stick to entertaining, not pushing the agenda." They also said for Disney to "avoid controversial topics that children are far too young to comprehend." www.JoeForAmerica.com shows the whole clip of the episode introducing the two moms.

It seems one of the goals of One Million Moms, is to shield their children from seeing or learning about gay people. This is a big job they have ahead of them; unfortunately, it is not going to stop their child from "becoming" gay. If their child is gay, he/she will be so with our without the influence of television. If the moms win and there are no more gays on T.V., what will they do when their kids see gay people in real life? The kids will be fine -- those poor moms though -- they'll have to teach their kids then to stay away from those "freaks."

Photo: Disney channel screenshot from joeforamerica.com

Fabiola Conrado

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