M.K. Nobilette :: American Idol

Good morning, it's early here in New York and it's freezing cold. Still trying to psych myself out that the cold "isn't so bad" -- we're almost in the clear.

I've been following the current season of American Idol, well if you consider fast forwarding through everything but the performances and Jlo's critique as following, then yeah I've been doing it. The judges this season are articulate, intelligent and seem to provide valuable critiques. I enjoy their commentary and commend them for paying attention to every performance. Back on the couch on my end, each performance receives about two seconds of attention, if I don't like what I'm hearing, it's like the gong show -- only with a fast forward button.

The most interesting contestant on the show is M.K. Nobilette. She is the first -- in the history of the show -- to compete openly gay - bravo to her! While it's not anyone's business if a person is gay or not, putting yourself in the spotlight is a different story; as the press make it a point to disclose a famous person's sexuality. Going into a large competition such as American Idol, the contestants are well aware of this fact. Gay contestants of the past have chosen to not reveal the information. This is why M.K.'s decision to be forthright about being gay stands out and is worth looking at.

Of course as it's obvious, she looks gay. She could have changed her appearance to compete if she wanted and still she chose not to. She is a more "butchy" gay and she is comfortable and confident about it to not hide it. All very commendable. Lucky for her, she lives in San Francisco, a place where, as she puts it "Are no haters." As for her singing, well -- I don't know if that's as great as the other singers, her voice is melodic and as JLo put it "Is like a quiet storm." Who she is overall is what is most alluring: the first confident gay person on American Idol to compete for our votes. In my best JLo impression..."it's up to you America."

Are you watching this season? If so, what do you think so far?

Photo: M.K. Nobilette by Kevin Winter

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