Man-Eating Tiger To Strike Again

According to a story on CNN International News, there is a serial killing tiger on the loose right now in the Bijnor District of India. Hunters are looking for what they believe is a four year old, female tiger who is thought to have killed ten people so far. The tiger's first kill was on December 29, 2013 and her last as recent as February 10, 2014. Her latest victim was a 50 year old man, whom she mauled to death.

India has the largest number of tigers in the world. They used to have near 40,000, now just under 2,000, they themselves falling prey to hunters and poachers. This particular tiger in question is on a mission, for human meat. She is known to hide in the bushes and attack some of her innocent prey from behind, while they work in the fields. In some of the killings, the only remains left of the person were a scarf and shoes.

Conservationist, Nazim Khan, is searching for her as well as hunters armed with rifles. Khan hopes he and his team from the Wildlife Trust of India can find her first. They suspect she is injured in her foot (trail marks suggesting so). The tiger has been traveling over 80 miles of terrain in India's Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand States. 

This is an extremely unfortunate situation for the victims and their families. I can't even begin to imagine what they're going through and the terror they have of not knowing where the cat is and when she will strike again.

What do you think? Should they shoot to kill or capture and put her in a cage? 

News Source: CNN International, Moni Basu
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Fabiola Conrado

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