Love In The Air?!

Love should be in the air, Valentine's Day is on Friday. While I am very modern when it comes to all kinds of issues, there is one area I'm still old-fashioned about, #LOVE. I do think the man should be the one courting the woman. Disagree all you want, I could be wrong, but that's what I believe. I've always been resilient when it comes to men, either they like me or they don't. If they do, great, let's connect and make some good loven', if not that's fine too, I can let it go -- there are plenty of other fish in the sea.

Dating life for me was entertainment, I enjoyed the psychology of it: meeting new personalities, seeing how far a man would go, seeing how far he wouldn't go and learning there are some real wierdos out there. I've been on some bad dates in my time, at least they make for a good story. One in particular was with an eccentric artist -- I'm a sucker for the artsy types. His long hair, dirty clothes and "I-don't-care" attitude should have stopped me, actually it did stop me but he invited me to one of the best restaurants in town, so of course I went, I love food.

There we were, in the nicest restaurant, him with his dirty clothes and me all dressed up. It was a French restaurant so he ordered the rabbit...raw. Ordering the rabbit alone was a bit of a shock, but then he asked for it to be cooked raw, I just stared at him. I had a pet rabbit when I was a little girl so this wasn't going well. We made small talk and I already knew I didn't like him, but made the small talk anyway. The raw rabbit came and he began to eat it...with his fingers. This is all a very true story. At this point, I looked around for the cameras as I was sure I was being "punked." No cameras though, just a very attentive waiter watching my date eat with his hands.

Stay tuned tomorrow for another "dating disaster," in honor of Valentine's Day.

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Fabiola Conrado

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