Lost In Love

I'm hungover from love and lost in romance with all things red still dominating my mind. He showed up at my house in a limo and drove us to a private airport. We flew to the Bahamas and stayed at The Atlantis. The private suite was stocked with fresh shellfish when we arrived. Massages were scheduled on the terrace before dinner and a long nap ensued after the rub down. Dinner consisted of more shellfish -- lobster to be exact -- and filet mignon with bernaise sauce on the side. Dom Perignon chilled in a bucket with the most beautiful glassware to sip down the bubbles. After dinner we went to a club and sat in VIP with a private table and another bottle of DP. We danced for hours to the best music and went back to the suite for some passionate love making and then... I woke up.  
Ooops, gotta go my son is screaming for his sippy...

#love #Bahamas #TheAtlantis #limo #DomPerignon 

Fabiola Conrado

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