Improve Your Well Being

Here are five easy things you can incorporate into your everyday life to improve your well-being:

1. Be grateful. Take a minute of the day and write down all the good things in your life. Forget about any problems completely and focus on writing down only the good. Train your mind to visualize what you wrote down, when the bad things start to creep in. This will force you to be grateful and instantly make you happy.

2. Laugh. Incorporate comedy into your life. Whether it be a movie, funny comedian you follow or jokes of your own, keep them coming. Laughing is the best remedy to keep your spirits lifted. Identify someone you know who makes you laugh, make plans with that person or talk with them on the phone.

3. Meditate. Let go of mind static for as long as possible in one session, this is meditation. Just that little release will bring you back into the moment, like hitting re-start on the computer. A session can consist of two minutes or even ten minutes, if you can go longer that's a supernova. Exercise and yoga can bring you there too, the mind is released as the body concentrates on the physical task at hand.

4. Connect with nature. Go outside and soak up the sun for five minutes. Smell the flowers (this isn't as cliché as it sounds, it really works). Take a long walk and notice things along the path and appreciate them. Turn off your phone for the day or even a few hours. All of these activities will take you out of your normal routine and make you feel good.

5. Hug someone. The human touch is healing. There is no greater power than being touched by another human in a loving manner. Give someone a big, strong hug, you will instantly connect with love and it will make you happy.

What things do you like to do to keep positive and happy?

Fabiola Conrado

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