Happy Superbowl and Happy Birthday to My Munchkin

Today is a celebratory day, Superbowl was reason enough, add my angel's birthday and it's a big day in this household. He's already asked, "what's first Mama?" This questioned took me by surprise as I didn't have anything exciting planned for the morning, so I said, "special birthday cereal?!" He said, "that's nothing special," to which I just laughed and felt a little guilty. I then proceeded to make up for my lack of "special birthday breakfast planning" by singing him every birthday song I could think of...

"Yo shorty --  it's your birthday -- we're gonna party like it's your birthday -- we're gonna sip Bacardi like it's your birthday" (with my best hip hop moves in tact). He looked at me strangely and said "Mama, what's Bacardi?" "It's a Puerto Rican Rum honey. Da-na-na-na-na, they say it's your birthday!" He enjoyed my performance for a quick second and said, "Ok mama, no more singing." Whew, thank goodness I thought because I really can't sing. My work is done here. We do have a huge day planned, we're off to Brooklyn for a "special birthday lunch" and then over to IKEA to pick up his "big birthday present" - a LEGO station. I may be more excited for this because I will be able to see my floors again, without them being covered in LEGO.

If you're planning to entertain at home today, try some of these celebratory drink ideas: Hot Toddy, Hot Apple Cider & Bourbon, Hot Chocolate with Grandma (Grand Marnier), hand-crafted beer (stick beer mugs in the freezer so they're nice and cold when ready to use), a classic Manhattan cocktail, Sangria or Bloody Marys of course. Check out www.liquor.com for instructions on how to make them - they're easy. Lastly, I would suggest a nice single malt, such as Macallan, to sip on for this special occasion. Not into alcohol? Go for virgin cocktails, at least you get the fun glassware and a tastier drink. Cheers!

One very excited kid

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