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Two days until Valentine's Day... #VDay is nice for people in a relationship as it gives them a chance to re-connect and remember why they're together in the first place -- #love is the answer here for those of the cold heart. If you're single and choose to go out for the night, maybe you'll meet your next #love. I did once...

This is a true date story that went well. We met just before Valentine's, I don't remember how; although, I know it was near, as he invited me for our first date to fall on VDay. A first date, on a day considered to be so cliché, was a bold move and I wasn't sure to accept. After some deliberation, I decided to be bold back and say yes. I lived in Chelsea at the time and he walked over to my building and picked me up -- what a gentleman, this is unheard of in the city. He showed up at my building with flowers and chocolates -- I was floored -- he wasn't even embarrassed in front of the door man. This guy was so nice and too good to be true I thought.

He pretty much had me at the flowers and chocolates, I love gifts. I was as happy as a bee and we walked to one of my favorite neighborhood restaurants. He had no idea I had dined at the restaurant about fifty times, I acted as if it were only once. He went on trying to impress me with the menu selections and his choice of wine -- it worked. He was a complete gentleman and let me ramble on about my life, my dreams and my family. He was a great listener and when I asked about his life he replied, "I want to know more about you." That was the moment I knew I wanted to see him again.

Yes, it is that easy to win over a woman and get her attention. Gifts are key gentlemen -- I can't emphasize this enough -- GIFTS -- be a good listener, have good manners and be a gentleman, we will reward you for your affections. Gifts work when you're in a relationship too to spark things up, you will definitely get a kiss and some #love. Pretty sure most women would agree with me on all this. Are there any women reading this who don't? Please tell us why. p.s. Mr. Perfect and I went on to date for quite some time.

Fabiola Conrado

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