Dating Disaster 2

Three more days until Valentine's Day, if anyone really cares. Yesterday, I posted a past dating disaster I've had in honor of this Holiday that celebrates #love (and to make you laugh). Today I'm posting another very true story, this one is still as fresh in my mind as if it were yesterday...

We didn't know each other well and were introduced by our mutual friends, who only recently had begun "hanging out." We met briefly at a bar a few days earlier and then he called and invited me out for dinner. It's usually a good sign when a man invites a woman for a meal. He was very good looking with a nice build and great smile. So far I was interested and he chose a casual restaurant that served chicken wings and beer, my favorite, so even more interested.

All is going well, we order our food and the service is good so far. The waitress did forget our waters but that's not a big deal, right? The waitress served our wings and still forgot our waters. I noticed because I used to waitress and I can't help keep track of inconsistencies in service, I didn't know my date was too. When the waitress came back to check on the food, my date banged his hand on the table pretty hard and yelled "You forgot out waters! I told you three times already!" The poor waitress ran off scared to death, no surprise there. My date then looked back at me with a big smile -- as if he were proud -- and continued with the conversation. My smile back was a forced one, I wanted to get up and leave but didn't want to be rude on a first date.

Share one of your funny dating disasters.

Fabiola Conrado

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