Art Gallery Reception In Chelsea

Good morning, I'm feeling on the creative side today. Last night I was invited to the Joshua Liner Gallery in Chelsea -- my old hood -- to view the new work of two artists: Julie Oppermann and Pema Rinzin. Both of the artists were in attendance. Thank you Maria for the invite and thank you Joshua for your hospitality. 

The work of Julie Oppermann, to me, was a modern day approach on pyschadelic art from the 60's. Without being too artsty-fartsy, the paintings really drew me in and in my eyes the lines seemed to move. When I looked up close, I was surprised to find the black lines were painted over top of the colored lines; I guess I thought it would have been the reverse. Come to find out, much of the artist's work attends to how the brain perceives information, as she has an MA in neuroscience from UC Berkeley, go figure. 

The work of Pema Rinzin has an Asian influence and Buddhist overlays, as the artist is originally from Tibet. What captivated me was his technique, "the use of ground mineral pigments as a medium - gold, lapis, lazuli and green malachite," as described by the gallery. I have no idea what green malachite is, sounds serious though. These ground minerals looked like black ink on the canvas. The detail in the work is inspiring and if you look at the gold color in the work in the picture above, on the actual painting, it was the only mineral to gently lift off the canvas.

In the office of the gallery owner hung a piece by the artist Stephen Powers, or better known as ESPO. To me, I would describe his work as "Basquiat meets Andy Warhol." Our little group last night had the best time reading the painting and getting some great laughs from it, in particular this piece:

The beer last night was courtesy of Pabst Blue Ribbon and all the art is available for purchase.  To learn more about the artists, the gallery and pricing, visit the gallery website here:

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