Too Old for the Club?

It's Friday! That means a lot of people are contemplating which club to go to tonight, while others are deciding what book to read. The latter is normally true for me; tonight however, I have an event I'm involved in so I'll be working. What about the people who are deciphering which club to go to? How old are they I wonder? Does it even matter?

When I was twenty-three, in college and going out all the time, I remember telling someone: "if I'm thirty years old and still partying in a club, please slap me across the face and set me straight." Thirty came and went and there I was, still in the club. As you get older, you realize thirty is actually very young. People under thirty, think thirty is death. I know I did when I was twenty-nine, turning thirty. At 11:59 pm that night I thought, "one more minute until I become an old maid." Ridiculous. Thirty hit me hard because I had so much fun in my twenties, I couldn't believe they were ending. I didn't realize at the time how much more exciting life would become, on a different level.

Now as I'm older, I still like to go to a club every now and then -- maybe once a year if I'm lucky -- and listen to a good DJ spin. The good thing is, I have the best nightlife in the world at my fingertips in NYC. Good clubs who bring in the best DJs in New York are: Pacha, Cielo, Finale and Output to name a few. What age is too old to go though? Twenty-seven? Thirty? Thirty-five? Forty-one? A twenty-three year old will probably say a twenty-six year old is too old. I don't think it matters, I've been in a club and have seen an old, wrinkly man dancing the night away, he had some good moves too! Your thoughts?

Photo credit: MADE EVENT at Cielo nightclub.
Fabiola Conrado

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