Sisterly Love

I chose "Tell It Sister" as the name of my blog because I believe I'm highly qualified to do so. I'm part of a group of sisters, I'm the second oldest of four and boy can we tell it -- sometimes too much -- all my sisters will agree to this with a laugh. If there is anyone that will keep you grounded and sane in this world it's your family. Family is the best because they will call you out so fast all you can do is laugh about it, usually. My sisters and I are all relatively close in age and we all have tight bonds. We tell each other almost everything, it's like having three instant best friends.

Sisters are there for you no matter what. Growing up with three sisters was fun. Despite fighting over clothes (our biggest fights were over clothes, ridiculous to us now), attention from our parents and our overall desire to tell each other what to do, our lives were filled with joy, love and happiness. My close relationship with my sisters has enabled me to identify who my real girlfriends are. When I feel the connection with a friend that I do when I'm with my sisters, I know I've found a special one. Even though my sisters and I grew up in the same household, we are completely different. People say we sound alike, look alike and have some of the same mannerisms; however, each of our personalities are distinctive.

My oldest is free-spirited, a true leader and likes to do her own thing. She is strong and passionate in her opinions and decisions. She is very independent and has no time for nonsense. I'm the second born, my oldest sister and I are a year and a half apart, she and I were together everyday growing up, my twin. While I am also a strong and passionate personality, I like to examine things in detail and take everything to another level (my older sister would think that's annoying). The third born is a type-A personality. She's a high achiever in her education, runs marathons, successful career woman, eats healthy, hardly drinks any alcohol and has always had her life well-planned out. She's one of those people who do everything right. The youngest born was basically our little doll who had come to life when we were young girls. She is a nurse with a loving, nurturing personality. She is the cool one, super sweet, laid back, open, honest, loves animals so much and is excited to become a mother one day (she's not pregnant, that I'm aware of at least!). 

When we are all together it's like a secret club, it's so much fun to talk and just be. We all try our best to not tell the other one what to do with every situation that arises -- with the four of us, it's alot of situations. This is difficult for us because we want the best for each other, so of course we are there to "offer" our opinion on what they should do. This can often lead to an argument and when arguments do happen we tend to be able to get over them quickly, if they're really bad, we'll take a break from each other. We don't let the break go too long though -- no matter how intense the subject matter is -- we get through it. My sisters are where my home is, where I can go to anytime, anyday for unconditional love and support. Step aside Kardashians, the Conrados are here ;>

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