My DVR wasn't working properly so last night was my first time catching up on the season. I watched a few and all I saw was Brandi scaring all of those women. Why are they all so afraid of her? I'm hoping as the show progresses one of them is going to develop a back bone and not let her walk all over them. I'm surprised by the Latina, surprised Brandi snapped at her a few times and she just took it. Must be for the cameras, she's too scared to look "crazy" in front of the camera by telling Brandi what she thinks. I'm guessing as the season progresses she'll become comfortable with the camera and the "crazy" will come out.

I put "crazy" in parenthesis because it bothers me when people call women "crazy" for speaking their minds and standing up for themselves. Latinas are known for their fiery tempers and strong attitudes (coughs), so I couldn't believe I watched Brandi tell Joyce "it's not all about you Joyce" when Joyce was trying to console her when she lost her dog. I'm not a psychologist but I'm guessing Brandi has some mental illness. To internalize someone who is trying to console you in a moment of despair, into an opportunity to make the other look stupid (because she's jealous of her beauty obviously), looks like mental illness.

In many cases Brandi talks about Joyce in one negative form or another. Joyce is pretty and it kills Brandi to not be the youngest and prettiest of the group anymore. Brandi is pretty too, the difference is her attitude, negativity and bullying make her ugly. I haven't seen any maliciousness from Joyce so far, making her beautiful inside and out. Even if Joyce is flawed, for now she seems intelligent enough to keep her negative opinions to herself and makes and effort to be nice and civil to everyone. Even if it's fake, that's fine, be fake if that's the only way you can be nice to people.

The rest of the women are on their absolute best behavior so far. The politics on the show has to be difficult. Each "housewife" trying to be "queen bee" so as not to be kicked off on the next season. So far Brandi is in the lead. My favorite are the sisters, they remind me of my sisters and I: strong bonds, ability to say and tell the truth about everything (sometimes too much sisterly truth) and have your back until the day you die. Kim's sobriety is incredible. It's not easy for an alcoholic to go sober and it's impressive to see Kim do it thus far. She is very brave to do so in front of the cameras for the whole world to see - BRAVO Kim! Kyle is a great sister for always being supportive and trying to understand the issues Kim went through and continuing to be a great sister.

Overall the show isn't as exciting as expected. I'll watch a few more shows and see if I'm still entertained before removing it from my show list. Vanderpump Rules doesn't look good at all, going to pass on watching it, hopefully I won't miss anything, but doesn't look like I will. Thoughts?

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