Morning Coffee

The tablet alarm clocks aren't so reliable he thought. He was happy it at least almost woke him up. A few more minutes to enjoy the peace and quiet of the house before the day storms in. The dream he had was still haunting him. Something about a wolf and a baby, he was holding the baby and the wolf was coming closer. Relief as he remembered the wolf came up to the baby's feet and instead of biting off his toes he licked them instead. Time to get up finally. He was proud of himself as the coffee he prepared the night before was ready and waiting for him downstairs. The smell was helping awaken his senses. This morning he needed the biggest cup he could find, it was just one of those mornings. Right to the brim he said to himself and he figured he could worry about how it will make his eyes twitch and his heart race later when it happens, for now he needed the fix.

The first sip is always the most rewarding. The way the coffee rushes through his veins is the way he suspects heroin addicts feel when they inject, he could almost sympathize with the addicts. His eyes started to tingle and then another sip was mandatory, nice and hot or else it's not worth it. The morning coffee ritual is like no other. He thinks he should probably get his energy from a morning run or eating healthy vegetables but the coffee rush is so fast and instant. Computer up and running now, inbox full of messages. A relief of a good amount of work straight ahead of him is perfect to counterbalance the huge cup he filled himself. Third sip -- that did it -- all senses go, first email ready to fire off and the day has begun....

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