The Vanity

Her love of make-up has no boundaries. She sets her schedule to give herself enough time to lounge in front of the vanity without being rushed. Vanity she thought, what a perfect word for this piece of furniture, she knew she was guilty of being vain sometimes. Her blonde hair was starting to develop a dreadlock towards the back. This surprised her as she had never had one before, she left it as she liked the way it gave her a uniqueness. Her skin was clean and fresh with the soft smell of her cleanser lingering in the air. The thrill of deciding which colors to apply to her eyelids uplifted her mood. Freshly purchased make-up lay before her, she couldn't wait to feel how it would slide on and glisten with the light.

She applied the base to hide her visible scars, oops, a little too thick and she does her best to smooth it all over. Her fluffy powder applicator is one of her favorite tools. It tickles her skin as it adds an extra touch of base sealer. For her eyes, she decides upon darker colors to match the cold, somber sky looming outside. First swipe of a dark brown shadow, with hints of glitter, to the top lid. Instantly, her eye is transformed and is ready for more. She adds a crimson gold shadow to even out the dark brown. She digs through the drawer to find her best working black eyeliner. A swipe to the lower lid -- nice and thick -- and smooths it out with the soft tip.

She repeats the process to the other eye, this time with ease, as there are no decisions to make. Once both eyes are complete, she tops them off with mascara. She adds as much as possible without clumping the lashes together. She sets the lashes with her hair dryer on the cold setting -- a trick she wonders if professional make-up artists use. She looks in the mirror and sees a different person from the one who first sat down. Make-up is joy, she ponders, and can't imagine going to work without it. Last touches of some pink to the cheeks and gloss on the lips. She's ready for winter now as her dark eyes and clothes meet the cold, white snow.

Fabiola Conrado

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