Children and Television

I'm not a huge fan of children watching television. I think television rots the brain. Educational t.v. isn't so bad such as Super Why or even Diego. Spongebob Squarepants has to be the worst and is of course the one my son HAS to watch. They call each other names, say "stupid" and in my opinion for the eyes of a five-year-old is a little on the aggressive side. I remember a time when people used to say Barney was brainwashing kids with his song. This could be true, but I happen to like the song's lyrics, they promote family unity and love. Kid's shows in general are so boring to watch for grown-ups. I cringe when my son asks me to watch a show with him, yet I do it anyway -- with a smile -- as I know it makes him happy. In the same regard, he cringes when I ask him to watch one of my grown-up shows (he says Downton Abbey is boring, can you imagine?). I try to keep his t.v. watching to a minimal.

My son is really into LEGO, like really into it, almost a nerd about it, its super cute. That is more enjoyable for me to know he is happier with his LEGO than his t.v. shows. If I could handle it, I would ban t.v. all together from my son. I can't handle it though, I have to admit, it's nice every now and then to turn on one of his favorite shows for thirty minutes of "down time." I mean the kid doesn't sit down or stop moving all day long and naps ended years ago. I wish I was patient enough to play with him all day long and not have to even have t.v. in the house, but who am I kidding? I love my netflix binges (Breaking Bad was amazing) and now I've been creepily binging American Horror Story. Tip: don't binge-watch American Horror Story...unless you like having nightmares.

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