Are You a Morning Person?

Something happened to me recently that I thought never would...I've become a morning person :/ The transformation was a very slow one. It's not a situation where I jump out of bed happy, with a smile and ready to work. It's a slow morning where the alarm goes off -- I get upset -- the reminder alarm goes off -- again, another upset -- and finally I roll over and shut it off. At that point I realize, what the hell, my eyes are open anyway. The first fifteen minutes are pretty groggy until I inject the coffee, then it's party time.

My best friend has been a morning person since the day we met, when I was 18. She's the real deal. Wakes up happily at 6 am everyday, without fail. We have lived together on and off throughout various stages of our lives and even during our college years when we would party hard and stay out until 3 or 4 am, there she was up and ready to go at 6. She would definitely still be drunk and jump on my bed at 6 am -- with a smile no less -- insisting I "wake-up," "wake-up." Clearly, I would just ignore her. She never got a response, in fact, I remember this memory as if it were a dream. To this day, she's doing the same and she's found a partner who is the same type of wierdo! Together, they're both up at 6 am everyday.

All of these years that have gone by, her early rising was bewildering to me and something I always found very strange about her. Now I realize, she was the one ahead of the game the whole time, not me for getting another four or five hours of sleep. My eye twitches as I write this but I wake at 6 am now. Right now, it's 8:43 am and I have already: had coffee, cleaned the kitchen, made the beds, answered my work emails, dressed my son, took him to school and almost finished writing this blog post! I'm not bragging here by any means as I don't think it's a "brag" to say I wake up at 6 (some may argue this), I think it's kind of ludicrous. Only time will tell if I will keep up this schedule. I work in the wine and spirits industry and sometimes my work will keep me out late, no matter evidently as my internal clock seems to also be set :/, I'm up!

What time do you wake up in the morning and why do you do it? What is it about the early morning that attracts you?

Fabiola Conrado

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