Abortion vs. Guns

Just saying, hearing or typing the word abortion seems so controversial. I'm really not one to comment on this topic as I've never experienced one. That being said, the government, in particular the males in our government, should also not be able to comment on this subject as they will NEVER be able to experience this, not even in their wildest dreams. One day down the road I may have to make a decision to have an abortion or not. If I ever have to cross this bridge, I would expect it to be a decision I make, not government making it for me. Of course there are women out there who may use abortion as birth control. These women have mental illness as far as I'm concerned. Making abortion at the fore-front of political discussion makes absolutely no sense. Maybe they think "we have to protect the innocent unborn children from the hands of these mentally unstable women who don't know any better." Since when do they care about innocent children dying? I think the mentally unstable men and women of this country who own guns are a much bigger issue (read: Newtown).

The argument here is that if I think making the issue of banning guns from the mentally unstable a major political issue (which I do), then in retrospect, I should be ok with abortion being a front runner discussion in politics right? Wrong. Mentally unstable women are not purchasing pregnancy, purchasing being the key word. Banning guns from the mentally unstable is completely controllable, 100%. Making background checks a law before paying money for a gun, will prevent the mentally ill from doing so, it's that simple. This WILL save many innocent lives of children and adults. Why is this point difficult for some to grasp? I don't think it is, I think they get it.

The people in government who are against the federal background check system for purchasing a gun, must be benefiting from the economics of the gun industry in some shape or form. Whether it be directly lining their pockets with extra income or could be in the form of sponsorship dollars for their campaigns -- making them ignore this important issue. This is a sad state of affairs if you ask me. It's an insult to our (the people of this country) intelligence. We see through the hypocrisy -- we watch it on t.v. news, we read it in the newspapers and online news outlets. It is really horrible that some of our elected officials in the state and federal government (not everyone there, just the select few who choose to), are outspoken against abortion and mute when it comes to mandatory background checks for gun purchases. To keep the gun industry thriving -- because it is, it gets richer after each shooting -- they choose to stand against background checks. So today, the mentally ill continue to be allowed to BUY a gun and use it to murder -- we can use this word for real this time -- innocent children.

Comments, feedback and your opinion (whether against or for) highly encouraged.

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