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G REAT MORNING AND WELCOME TO THE WEEKEND. A long extended one for me (and probably for a lot people), as I'm off today through Monday, woo woo! I don't not like my job, but I love my free time. Getting excited for the weekend reminds me of an old boss from many moons ago, who got mad that our work team wrote "TGIF" on our think board. He actually came into our area in a bit of huff and erased it! It was too funny. Our little team had good laughs about that for a long time. He's a nice person, so I'm sure he was just having a bad day. My main plans include hiking and relaxing. Everything else around that will be off the cuff and regular life, such as: reading, watching shows, gardening, hanging with the fam, exercising, eating (preferably foodie foods), drinking (preferably red wine), cleaning I guess, maybe a little shopping etcetera and so on. How about you? Do you have big plans or are you going to wing it all? For any non-Americans reading, this Monday is

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